Introducing… Partnership!

Welcome to a program that gives you the same opportunity advertising agents, doctors, lawyers, and every other professional office have… To become PARTNER!

When starting a career in these professions you typically have two choices. Start your own office or work for an established one. The biggest advantage of working for an established office is they have already rounded the learning curve and have a successful, growing & profitable business model.

The opportunity of becoming a partner means less risk and more reward! You are putting shared business experiences to work for you instead of risking your investment.

Many IMO’s attempt to teach you to build your own agency.  This is not as easy as it sounds… Often they pay bonuses based on your agency’s volume. Now imagine getting bonused based on the entire shared company profit!

Here is where it gets even better… You will have the ability to build your own agency without having to be hands-on with each agent. You just have to get them through the hiring process!